Steel Grit 

From conception to inception – 

Steel Grit was founded by drummer, John Kohlenberg, and guitarist, Tony Klontz. Their combined vision for the band was inspired by their previous experiences in their former band, Storm Creek, a high-powered, country-rock band. Both John and Tony felt that their brand of music could be pushed even further, creating a more edgy and metallic, country-rock sound. 

Tony and John agreed that, after numerous years of performing 4-hour shows in bars and pubs, those types of shows didn’t bring the satisfaction they desired. Therefore, they set upon the path of creating their new band with the goal of performing more festival-type shows and other venues designed for larger audiences. 

Additionally, their vision was not only to provide an audience with an audio performance, but with a more visual experience as well; and with much more energy. 

Steel Grit continues to perform at various bars and pubs throughout the Seattle-Tacoma-Portland area, but when they perform, they perform with a festival-style flair which is never compromised, equaled nor rivaled. 

Steel Grit’s repertoire covers a wide range of musical genres. High-powered county, country-rock, and Steel Grit’s own original material. No matter the genre, the steel’s in the grit and the grit’s in the steel. 

Steel Grit infuses the music in their repertoire with their own unique musical vision, giving the audience a vibrant audio experience best described by the following line from the script of a 1987 Stanley Kubrick film, “7.62 millimeter…full metal jacket.” 

Steel Grit is currently working on a 6-song EP which is scheduled for release sometime in June/July 2020. 

We invite you to join us at all of our shows throughout the Seattle-Tacoma-Portland area and experience the Steel and the Grit in in the only manner it should be experienced. Experience the one, the only…Steel Grit! 

Visit our website at and join the mailing list. We’ll keep you informed about upcoming shows and events, noteworthy band news and our upcoming EP release. You may also follow us on Facebook at steelgritcountry. 

If there’s a particular venue in which you’d like us to perform then, please, let us know and we’ll do our best to make that happen. We also want you to know that your support means a great deal to us so, spread the news about Steel Grit and, perhaps, we’ll be invited to perform at your favorite local venue. 

We hope to see you soon!