Steel Grit 

Band Members: 

John Kohlenberg – Drummer 

John’s been a drummer for numerous years.  His drumming career actually began when he started playing drums with his father at the age of 5.  Former bands include…Quarter Past 8, Reckless and Storm Creek. 

John’s also filled-in as a drummer for other bands and has performed studio session work for various artists throughout the Seattle-Tacoma area. 


Tony Klontz – Lead/Rhythm Guitarist 

Tony’s played guitar since the age of 14.  Former bands include…Antix, a progressive, speed-metal/jazz fusion band circa the early 90's in Seattle, Quarter Past 8, Daze of Never and Storm Creek. 

Tony’s also filled-in as a guitarist for several other bands and has performed studio session work for various artists throughout the Seattle-Tacoma area.  Tony’s skills don’t end with the guitar, he’s also a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. 


Lloyd Dual – Bassist 

 Lloyd began playing bass around the age of 15 at the suggestion of a good friend. Many years and projects later he’s still bringing that low-end percussion to the table and helping round out the sound of the band. 

Rock music of the 80’s and 90’s was a big influence for Lloyd. As the years progressed, pop and country were added to the mix. His sound could be described as rock with a  little bit of country twang.


Jim Brown - Lead/Rhythm Guitarist

Jim Brown is originally from southwest Louisiana where he played in classic rock bands. Raised on Blues, Rock, and Cajun Zydeco, he combines all of these influences into the Steel Grit sound. In addition to his professional career as an operatic director, and conductor, Jim has returned to his guitar roots. He is active as a classical music teacher and performer, and enjoys cycling, hiking, and running in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Joshua Stavely – Vocalist 

Joshua was recruited into the band as an absolute, “Rookie,” without any prior experience as a lead vocalist.  His previous experience before joining Steel Grit included…Jazz Choir in high school, Karaoke and various vocalist competitions. 

As a “Diamond-in-the-rough” when recruited, Joshua has since grown into a rather dynamic and energetic lead vocalist.  His natural singing talent has flourished and he’s definitely developed into an unstoppable force.