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110% for the Show!

110% for the Show!

Steel Grit is an awesome blend of Rock and Country music that will shock your senses and make you feel a mixture of different emotions with each roller coaster ride their songs will surely take you on! I love these guys and you should too.

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We are a reformation of the late Storm Creek -- 'What a treat to have the Storm Creek band come out and play. This is some kick A$$ Country Rock People.' ”

— Rock Mama Management fb

Steel Grit


So you like Country music, but you are also a fan of Rock.  Or vice verse.  Welcome to the Steel Grit site.  We bring you Country and Rock melded together along with originals, energy, and stage show.

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"Your band is definitely one of the very best I have seen live (country genre) in all my years working in the local scene"--Brenda Tipton with Bestbet Live Music Entertainment in correspondance with John.  Brenda Tipton may be contacted at--


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