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110% for the Show!

110% for the Show!

Steel Grit

Welcome.  Steel Grit brings you a melding of Country and Rock along with originals, energy, and stage show.

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"Your band is definitely one of the very best I have seen live (country genre) in all my years working in the local scene."--Brenda Tipton with Bestbet Live Music Entertainment in correspondence with John.  Brenda Tipton may be contacted at--

"Steel Grit is an awesome blend of Rock and Country music that will shock your senses and make you feel a mixture of different emotions with each roller coaster ride their songs will surely take you on! I love these guys and you should too."--ITNS Radio

“Yeah, I really do like the sound of those guys.  They call it Steel Grit, and that is, Of Ghosts and Guns.  I think that would be a great band to go and see live actually.  I think they’d have lots of energy, and I think the crowd would just go completely off.”--  Isaac Banks of Banks Music Promotion and Radio Australia Podcast.




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